I want to exit fullscreen mode when video is ended. The Document provides some additional information that can be useful when developing fullscreen web applications: You'll want to be sure to let your users know that they can press the Esc key (or F11) to exit fullscreen mode. Keep the toolbar visible when it’s necessary for accomplishing tasks; hide it when the focus is on content. Could you please help me how to fullscreen browsers without restart flashgame? Oh, actually, I think I figured out what the issue was. When fullscreen mode is successfully engaged, the document which contains the element receives a fullscreenchange event. }. The support is already maturing nicely… so in the next few months this should become more common place. This feature is currently available in Firefox beta, but it’s due to land in the official release of Firefox, version 10, tomorrow! Like Chris Pearce mentioned below, it treats keyboard input differently, and if you choose View > Full Screen in Firefox, you will see that the address bar is at the top, auto-hiding, whereas it’s not when called through code. Content is available under these licenses. That means you can’t just trigger it at load or similar. Hi, in my case fullscreen is working perfactly but exit fullscreen is not working. }, false); document.addEventListener("mozfullscreenchange", function () { Please include any additional information necessary here. For security reasons, most keyboard inputs have been blocked in the fullscreen mode. safari, chrome (ios). privacy statement. Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License v3.0 if (viewFullScreen) { In addition, navigating to another page, changing tabs, or switching to another application (using, for example, Alt-Tab) while in fullscreen mode exits fullscreen mode as well. And great to follow your writings here too, on the Mozilla site of things. else if (docElm.webkitRequestFullScreen) { See Using Feature Policy to learn more about using Feature Policy to control access to an API. Thanks. Perhaps the answer to this is related to my first question. i.e. }. Pressing the Enter key lets the user toggle between windowed and full-screen presentation of the video. } On the other hand, Preview hides the toolbar so the user can focus on reading or viewing content. alert(“mozRequestFullScreen”); :-). @James: View > Fullscreen mode and HTML fullscreen mode treat key input differently in order to guard against phishing attacks; if evilsite.com goes fullscreen and renders something that looks like a Firefox UI with a paypal login screen, it could trick users into entering their username and password. Cool! For example, if you need to provide access to images, you might implement a built-in image browser. it works, but if I fullscreen the browser manually by pressing F11 and then call normalscreen func. I guess we should follow along on hartman/videojs-ogvjs#23. Full-screen mode is useful when a user wants to be immersed in a task, but not all apps require immersion. So HTML fullscreen + flash are never going to work well. As with the fullscreenchange event, two fullscreenerror events are fired; the first is sent to the Element which failed to change modes, and the second is sent to the Document which owns that element. fullscreenState.innerHTML = (document.mozFullScreen)? "" For example, a game or photo slide show should automatically pause when the user leaves the app. alert(“requestFullscreen”); You can also do so programmatically by calling the Document.exitFullscreen() method. https://gist.github.com/1710727. This is for security reasons. Thanks!O(∩_∩)O. I’m not sure what the connection would be. If you'd like to contribute to the data, please check out. He regularly also blogs at http://robertnyman.com and loves to travel and meet people. © 2005-2020 Mozilla and individual contributors. docElm.requestFullscreen(); I’ve spoken with the IE team and all they will say is that they don’t comment on features unless they are complete. document.webkitCancelFullScreen(); So how can I exit fullscreen fully? Unfortunately, unless full window is an acceptable solution, I don't think there's anything that can be done short of using a video format that iOS can play back natively. They must be added by JavaScript code. Is document.mozCancelFullScreen() should be initiated by user as well as el.mozRequestFullScreen()? else if (docElm.msRequestFullscreen) { Now go install a web browser version that you can try these in. One thing which has been very important when it comes to creating special end user experiences have been the ability to show something fullscreen, effectively hiding all the other content etc. It works in Google Chrome and Safari, but doesn’t work in Firefox 13 and Firefox Aurora (14a2). var viewFullScreen = document.getElementById(“view-fullscreen”); Sign up for the Mozilla Developer Newsletter: If you haven’t previously confirmed a subscription to a Mozilla-related newsletter you may have to do so. Full-screen mode is useful when a user wants to be immersed in a task, but not all apps require immersion. Any workarounds like using a full screen package? }. Please. In fullscreen mode the “keydown” even isn’t even fired. This is not possible, for security reasons: the user has to be notified he’s now in fullscreen mode. Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. Requires a vendor prefix or different name for use. https://github.com/videojs/video.js/blob/4f6cb03adde9ddf800e2ecf6fa87b07d436b74e8/src/js/fullscreen-api.js. Content is available under these licenses. By checking screen.width and screen.height.


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