My Photography Gear: The Cameras and Equipment I Use Daily, DC Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike, run, and general gear list. Ok Jeff, I think I have figured out what’s going on here. Also, it connects to my Wahoo with no problems. ANT+ Support: Another relatively obvious one, all power meters on the market today transmit via ANT+ to compatible head units. Dan G, thanks for that constructive comment. Has Avio ever released an update (either hardware or software)? After working flawlessly the older one recently stopped working (the power reported dropped to less than half what it should and calibrating the meter would produce an error). Compared to Power2Max/FSA that seems quite competitive. I also thought the power reading was incorrect and had dubious battery life. I currently have power2max and inpower on my two main bikes. It looks like a normal pedal finally. reliable, precise, going strong also after many years of use He concludes with 3 points for the Xcadey Plus, I own an older Quarq Cinqo, then a Riken, and The Girl also uses the older Cinqo on her tri bike. It does everything weekend warriors require, and at a more affordable price point. Truth be told, I haven’t paid much attention to them, so that may not have been the best criteria. The company started shipping units in mid-2017, however, accuracy never quite got to the point of being accurate enough for meaningful usage. Test Bericht folgt! Identical experience with 4iiii. This will be for my outdoor/race bike that I will use with a Garmin cycling computer. Link to GCN video. I know it’s easy to point at Team Sky for left-only and simply say “It’s good enough for Froome”, but again remember that Team Sky has been using the dual setup (not the single leg setup) for years (2016, 2017, 2018), and in fact a driving force for Stages going with a dual setup was feedback from Team Sky. For example, it’d be silly to go out and buy Garmin Vector or Favero Assioma pedals if you’re looking to put it on a mountain bike. Pioneer Sometimes the 4iiii can spike during sprints but otherwise I’ve been happy with it. Disadvantages: Left-only approach for their left-only units means simply doubling left-leg power, may not be a fully accurate representation of your power (high or lower). To recap all of the major power meter announcements and reviews I’ve published this year (in reverse chronological order): WatTeam Halts Production of Power Meters, Focuses on Acquisition (November) Some have seen very minor delays in track-start type situations, but I think that’s very limited in scope. Same goes for watches from Suunto and Polar. Would I buy it: I haven’t had a chance to test it in-depth, so it’s hard to say. Also calibration on a Garmin watch is hell. Also, their website mentions the Zpiders as out of stock and on hold for next gen. At the end of the day, there’s no single right answer to this question. However, if you have the dual-leg setup, that’s not a concern. Since then they’ve been adopted by many people, primarily due to their simplicity and ease of use. Advantages: Price – the unit is $795USD for the dual pedals, installation is easy and no longer requires tools like the older bePRO pedals. Would I buy it: Not at this point. You should check out my videos. Next, we’ve got now defunct or otherwise discontinued products. Of course, Giant is a big company and has plenty of resources to get the job done. Nonetheless, here’s what’s in the theoretical pipeline. Accuracy is solid, and it can quickly and easily be moved. Same as Garmin Vector 3 and Favero Assioma. As many know, Stages really started the whole left-only trend, in that it’s attached to your left crank-arm (seen above), and thus is only measuring the left leg power. More coming soon. For the money paid for the Avio I am pretty happy and may get another one for my other bike. Single-leg: The SBT-LT91 (Dura-Ace) and SBT-LT80 (Ultegra) These days Stages isn’t just left only, but dual as well. 4iii, PowerTap G3 (and also the old Pro): What about SIGEYI AXO and XCADEY XPOWER-S? Select your crank-set and order your Avio PowerSense. Zero Offsetting your Avio PowerSense. 3. Then, I come here and write about my adventures. Ist für mein Zweitrad, also dachte ich mir einen Versuch ist es wert. Hab die einseitigen Assioma Pedale an meinem Hauptrad und sie mal gelichzeitig zum Vergleich rangeschraubt. Though willing to calibrate periodically. In most cases, the best 3rd party to complete that test is the manufacturer itself. Cycling power meters work on all sorts of ground types. Indoors it tracks close to my Elite Suito although it does drop out frequently at cadences over 110rpm. Every time I see them at industry trade shows I ask about it, and they consistently respond it’s only a couple months away from shipping. Oh, nevermind, you have the Gen 1. You’ll need to ensure your bottom bracket is compatible, but if you shoot the Quarq folks an e-mail I’ve found they can usually help anyone figure that out easily. Also, they announced a new head unit that should help quite a bit as well. The unit is offered both on Shimano crank arms, as well as S-Works carbon crank arms. Thanks, Ray, great work. Hi Ray, I’ve been using your analyzer for some time to check if my power meters give the same values. That’s all that really matters to most of us. I’m happy with my left sided Stages on my mountain bike. Bluetooth Smart: Bluetooth Smart (or BLE/BTLE for short) has become the norm on power meters now as a dual ANT+/BLE configuration. Even with a consistent effort the numbers are jumping up and by almost a hundred watts. If you’ve got an existing compatible crank that looks fab on your bike already and want a power meter – Avio has your back. I just FEEL that the Pioneer provides the most accurate power that I’ve experienced. Oh, and you can sign-up for the newsletter here! You are obviously a source of impeccable knowledge. I’m sure these work for most people. I tested one for…well, an exceedingly long period of time. Running power meters don’t (well). Please allow 10 working days from dispatch of your order before notifying us of any late deliveries. The Google conversion tracking cookie is used to effectively track conversions on the website. I’ve compared it to my powertap and the overall power is usually dead on but I’ve found that on Strava segments the power between the two units can vary as much as 20-30 watts. Mine were apparently cooked by humidity and not reparable. Plus, you'll be more awesome. The product is deficient and not up to standard based on my experience. Hassle free, simple to use. So, a rider who only pushes may generate 250 watts on that down stroke. Relevant Review: Stages LR (Dual-Sided) Power Meter In-Depth Review, Hands-on: Stages Dual Left/Right Power Meter, Stages 2016 Sea Otter News, Stages drops prices, down to $529US, Stages Power announces carbon crank options, talks a bit about dual-leg power, Stages Power Meter In-Depth Review Update. Strain guages can absolutely be programmed to measure deflection based on multiple parameters and in single or multiple directions dependent on the placement and type of guage being used. After that it seemed to be wildly affected by temperature dropping out a fair bit or reading superman. Have they started shipping yet? Just works. Hopefully they can turn it around. Rad mit Powermeter ausstatten und habe den Avio getestet. In the UK/EU/Australia/New Zealand? To ensure your bike is compatible with the PowerSense, please perform a simple check with a hex key. Shimano had originally slated that for the end of 2017, but then pushed it to sometime in 2018, and these days the standard answer given is down to ‘no date known’. With the Avio PowerSense it is now possible to retrofit an existing Shimano road crank with a professional power meter - at a sensational price! It’s tough. Still, I think it’s definitely a compelling model if priced right. If you had a compatible crankset, then it was an astoundingly good option for the price (or any price). I couldn’t find the link to all your website articles about running power meters, why they are so great and all your multiple reviews that you have done. However, just like last year, I don’t expect to see any further price drops this year, with the first round likely not coming until probably Spring 2019 – dependent entirely on whether or not IQ2 can put forth a viable product.


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